Endzone Camera

From Worst to First – Why Players Respond to Video

There is no doubt that video footage taken from the vantage point of an endzone camera system, such as the Hipod or Hi Rise Camera tower systems can be used to great advantage in the analysis of plays and in the formulation of game plans, but one of the advantages of video that is often overlooked is that players simply respond better to video coaching than they do verbal coaching.

While you may not be able to take a player from worst to first with video coaching alone, the use of video to explain points and to motivate a player can play a very important part in the development of an athlete. Here are just some of the reasons why endzone camera and sideline camera footage can make all the difference to how players respond to their training.

The camera never lies

The first reason that payers respond so well to video is that there really is no room for argument. When a player reviews video of their performance and the coach has some constructive criticism to give them, the player can see with their own eyes exactly what the coach is talking about.

Visual learning is easier

For many people, it’s a lot easier to remember things that they have seen than it is to remember things they have been told. When a player can see on-screen examples of a what their coach is telling them, they will understand it better and they will be able to visualize the points that have been made to them later on.

Training doesn’t stop when the player leaves the practice field

When edited with video coaching software systems like VideoChamp Sports, footage of games, practices and training sessions can be shared with players for them to view later on. This means that they can still be learning in their own time, so the coaching doesn’t stop the moment the player leaves the practice field.

Self-improvement is often easier than being told

Some players, especially the younger ones, simply don’t respond well to being told where they are going wrong. While it’s easy to say that a good player will always be willing to learn, the reality is that some young players will respond better if they can review the video footage themselves and come to their own conclusion in their own time that the coach was right after all.

Positive visualization can make good moves a habit

When a player watches endzone camera and sideline camera footage of their successes, it can help make the best moves that they have made become a habit. If you watch anything often enough, it will become ingrained into your mind and repeating it will become second nature.

Video is a more enjoyable way of learning

Learning is always less arduous when it is enjoyable and sports training is no different in that respect to any other type of learning. Many players will respond much better to being trained through video images than they will to traditional classroom style training simply because it will keep their attention for longer.

By utilizing video footage taken from sideline cameras and endzone camera systems like the Hi Rise Camera system and analyzing and annotating that footage using systems like VideoChamp Sports coaches can make the learning process a lot easier for players. Most people are far more responsive to being shown something rather than being told to do it, and that is just one of the reasons that video has become so important in modern sports coaching.