Endzone Camera Telescopic Pole Clamp

Is Hi Rise Camera’s Carbon Fiber Telescoping Pole More Durable than the Competitor’s Aluminum Pole?

One of the unique features of the HiRise camera system is that the telescopic pole is made out of carbon fiber, rather than the aluminum that many other endzone camera systems use. Aluminum is a relatively lightweight metal and it’s fairly strong, but how does it match up to the carbon fiber that is used in the HiRise camera tower? Here are the facts about Hi Rise Camera’s carbon fiber telescoping pole.

Carbon Fiber doesn’t corrode
Contrary to popular belief, aluminum does corrode, and, in fact, it is very prone to corrosion. While aluminum doesn’t rust in the same way that iron or steel does, it does oxidize when exposed to the elements and that oxidization leaves behind a powdery, white or gray layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal. When you clean that powder off, the oxidization process begins again and slowly eats into the thickness of the aluminum. Since carbon fiber is not a metal, it neither rusts nor oxidizes.

Carbon fiber doesn’t dent
An aluminum pole may have the strength to hold up a video camera, but it is relatively easy to dent an aluminum pole from the sides. If you do dent a camera tower aluminum pole while packing it away or perhaps by placing a heavy object on it, it will greatly reduce the strength of the pole and, ultimately reduce its lifespan. The carbon fiber telescoping poles of a HiRise camera endzone video camera tower cannot be dented.

Carbon fiber doesn’t bend
Although carbon fiber is flexible to a degree, unlike aluminum, if it bends, it will just return to its original shape. If an aluminum pole is bent, though, the aluminum will hold the bend and you could be left with either an unusable video camera tower.

Carbon fiber doesn’t vibrate in the same way the aluminum does.
There is a growing trend in the world of photography for all high quality camera tripods to be made out of carbon fiber rather than aluminum because, quite apart from the durability issues that we have already mentioned, carbon fiber doesn’t vibrate like aluminum does. That’s obviously an important consideration when you are taking photographs or taking video footage.

Carbon fiber provides and strength at low density
The reason that carbon fiber is used in racing cars is that offers an incredible strength to weight ratio. In terms of a video camera tower, that means the HiRise Camera telescoping carbon fiber pole is stronger than its competitor’s aluminum poles, while at the same time being much lighter.

Carbon fiber is 5-10 times as strong as aluminum or steel
Weight for weight, a carbon fiber pole will provide 2 to 5 times the rigidity of steel or aluminum and 5 to 10 times the directional strength. Add to that the fact that carbon fiber doesn’t dent, bend, vibrate or corrode, and we think that we can confidently say that the Hi Rise Camera carbon fiber telescoping pole is definitely more durable than competitor’s aluminum poles.