Endzone Camera

Why Is 20ft the Optimal Height to Film Field Events?

In the world of endzone camera and video camera towers, there is a never ending debate on what is the optimum height for an endzone camera, with some video camera tower manufacturers making a great play on the “mine’s bigger than yours” argument.

So, does size really matter in a video camera tower? Here are the facts that demonstrate why 20ft is the optimal height for an end zone camera.

An elevated camera position does matter

There is no question that you will get the best view of any field event from an elevated position and, for many sports, the best elevated position is behind the endzone. The eye in the sky view that a Hi Rise Camera will give you will allow you to see the full field of play and give you the ability to follow the play as it moves around the field. Sports pundits and coaches alike agree that the wide angle of sight that telescoping camera poles provide makes them ideal for taking field sports footage.

The Viewing Angle

The argument about the height of an endzone camera that is often put forward is that he tallest video camera tower will give you the best angles, but actually, the difference between the viewing angle of a 20ft camera tower and 30ft camera tower, is negligible. Once you get to the optimum height for an endzone camera of 20ft, the difference that an extra 5ft or 10ft would make to the angle is only one or two degrees, so you probably wouldn’t even notice the difference at all. In fact, once you get over 20ft, the disadvantages of a taller end zone camera outweigh the very small advantage that you might gain.

20ft is the best height for stability

Keeping a video camera stable on a tall video camera tower is not easy and the higher you go, the greater the chance that the pole will move in the wind. If that happens, even with video stabilization technology, you will get shaky and blurred video footage. The Hi Rise Camera system has been developed with stability in mind and it will stay stable even in relatively high winds. When you take a video camera tower much above 20ft, the loss in the quality of the picture far outweighs any small benefit you might gain from the one or two degrees wider angle that you might get.


The other thing to consider when you are looking for the best endzone camera system for your team is how transportable the unit is. The 20ft Hi Rise Camera endzone camera only weighs 50 lbs, and it packs away neatly so it can be easily transported from one game to the next.

Safety Considerations

You have to be careful with any video camera tower in bad weather. If there is any lightning, it is advisable to lower and endzone camera until the lightning has passed. However, high winds can be dangerous with extremely tall towers as well. There are numerous stories about how tall endzone cameras have toppled over, destroying the cameras and, in some cases, causing injury to the camera operator or spectators. A 20ft high video camera tower is far more stable than a 30ft camera, so keeping the tower firmly anchored is a lot easier.