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How Does Video Footage Benefit Players (college recruiting and training)?

It wasn’t that long ago that the high cost of video equipment and endzone cameras meant that video coaching technology was something that only the professional teams could afford, but today, with the lower cost of video equipment and the wide use of tablets and smartphones, teams at all levels have the opportunity to make HI Rise Camera video an integral part of their training.

Research has shown that the majority of people are visual learners; they learn far more from what they can see than they do from what they are told. That means that if they are not given the opportunity to see what their coach is telling them, they are unlikely to take all advice they receive on board, so they won’t be able to reach their full potential.

The use of endzone video analysis in sport provides a benefit to the team and individual players alike. Here are some of the ways that players can benefit from endzone camera footage.

Provide instant feedback

During practice, end zone video footage enables coaches to give players instant feedback, while the play is still fresh in their minds. Players can see exactly what they are doing in video playback and that instant visual feedback is much more likely be to be retained than verbal feedback given several hours later.

Players can study their form in their own time

With systems like Hudl, coaches can send players endzone camera footage that the player can then study on their own. If a player can see the mistakes that they have made and they can look at them when they have time to study them closely, they will be more likely to be able to correct those mistakes by themselves.

Track a player’s progress

Video footage from endzone camera systems helps a coach and the player track their progress over time. This can be a great motivational tool for players as they can see both how they are improving and the areas that they still need to work on.

Video has become an important part of college recruiting

While video alone is unlikely to get a player a college scholarship, camera footage from an endzone video does often act as the introduction of a player to college coaching staff. Video footage and stats can’t be disputed, so good quality end zone camera footage can open a lot of doors for a player.

Prevent injuries

One of the slightly less obvious benefits to player of video footage is that it can help prevent injuries. There are a huge number of young athletes inured while playing sports and video footage can help coaches spot bad habits that players may have developed that could lead to injury.

Compare form with a professional

Players can use video footage to compare their own form with that of professional players. This is another way that players can identify visually ways in which they might be able to improve their own game.

Share footage with family, friends, and recruiters

The lower cost of video cameras and hi-rise end zone video systems has given players at all levels the opportunity to create their own highlights videos that they can share with family and friends and with recruiters. It’s the perfect way for a young athlete to showcase their talents and get noticed.