Endzone Camera

Top 10 Benefits of Using An End zone Camera

The view that you get from an end zone camera is far superior to the view you would get from the ground and a good quality hi-rise end zone video camera system is nowhere near as expensive as you probably think it is. If you have been wondering why all the top teams use end zone camera systems, here are the top ten benefits that you would gain from using an end zone video tower system.

Gain insights into your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses

Having an end zone camera system will give you amazing insights into your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. You can review end zone video footage after a game, but you can also view it in real-time too on a viewing monitor, so you might spot something mid-game that gives your team the edge.

See the full picture of formations

With the wide angle view that you get from an end zone video system you can see the full width of a formation and you can get a much better of idea of depth as well. It can be difficult to judge distances when you are looking at something from a ground level perspective, but a view from twenty feet up in the air will let you judge spacing much better.

Predict plays

By watching endzone camera footage, you will be able to analyze how your opponent is playing and adapt your defense to suit that style of play. The same applies to giving you the advantage of being able to adapt your offense to exploit the weakness in an opponent’s defense that only an endzone video system can highlight.

Explain plays and positions better

Endzone camera footage makes it a lot easier to explain positioning and plays. Real-life footage is much easier to follow and more effective than using drawings on a whiteboard.

Give individual players a boost

It’s always good to call out a player when they have played well, and video footage provides a great way to do that. End zone camera footage can be a superb motivational tool as well as a coaching aid.

Diagnose problems faster

The clear footage that you get from an end zone camera makes it a lot easier to diagnose problems. It also makes it a lot easier to explain those problems to the team in a way that the players can see and relate to.

Improve coaching

They say that in sports you never stop learning and that can apply to the coach as well as to the team. An end zone camera will allow a coach to analyze the tactics they have adopted and, perhaps, see things that haven’t been so obvious before.

Get the most out of Hudl

Video coaching systems like Hudl have revolutionized coaching, but to get the best out of Hudl, you really need to have an end zone camera system, because that is the best way to get clear shots of the entire field of play.

It’s easier to follow the game

The view you get for a hi-rise end zone camera makes it a lot easier to follow fast moving game, like soccer and lacrosse. You can just pan the camera to follow the ball and capture all the action.

Help individual players develop

Hi Rise Camera endzone video footage is a great tool that can be used to help individual players develop. By reviewing video footage taken with a Hi Rise end zone camera, you can easily show a player where they are doing things right and where there might be some room for improvement.