Soccer and Lacrosse

Where is the best location on the field to film soccer and lacrosse games?

Both soccer and lacrosse are very fast moving sports, where the action can shift from one end of the playing field to the other in a matter of seconds. They are both also games where what is happening off the ball is equally, if not more, important than what is happening on it.

To make the most of video coaching systems, like Hudl and VideoChamp Sports, you need to be able to analyze players positioning and see how set plays unfold, but you also need to be ready to switch from one end of the field to the other very quickly. Doing all that stood at the endzone with a handheld camera can be tough, so here are some tips on how to get the best video footage of a soccer or lacrosse game.

Don’t just follow the ball

Following the ball might be what looks good on TV, but it’s not going to give coaches the best analysis of a game. Don’t overuse the zoom when you are taking video footage of soccer and Lacrosse games. Pull back a bit and then you will be able to see how players are making space for themselves and how they are positioning themselves for passes and to make runs up the field.

Use a tripod

You can use systems like Hudl with video footage taken with a hand held device, but you will get much clearer footage is you use a quality video camera attached to a tripod. A good tripod or a telescoping camera tower will keep the camera steady and make it easier to get clear, shake-free footage

Position yourself midway down the pitch

Because the games of football and lacrosse are so fast moving, the best place to position a camera for coaching purposes is the midway point of the pitch on the sideline. That way, you will be able to capture the offensive and defensive plays from one single vantage point. The focus of play in soccer and lacrosse moves quickly from one end to the other, so a midway position will gave you much better view of the entire pitch.

Use a high vantage point

The best position to film a game of lacrosse or soccer for analysis purposes is from a high angle. A high angle will allow you to see the whole game, from end to end, and it will allow you to see the positioning of players, both on and off the ball. As many small soccer and lacrosse pitches do not have grandstands or other elevated positions, the best solution would be to use a telescopic camera tower to achieve the optimum angle.

Endzone vs sideline

In soccer and lacrosse, the build up to a goal is arguably more important than the goal itself, in terms of coaching anyway. To be able to analyze how well a team is creating scoring opportunities is as important as analyzing how well the team is capitalizing on those opportunities. For that reason, the sideline is a better position for filming soccer games and lacrosse games than the endzone would be.

Using endzone camera systems to analyze soccer and lacrosse games

The best types of video systems for coaching soccer and lacrosse teams are called endzone camera video systems, but don’t be put off by the use of the term “endzone”. The best endzone camera systems, like our Hi Rise camera system, are perfect for using at the sideline as well, because they give you the high angle that will enable you to film a soccer game or a lacrosse game, whichever end of the pitch the play takes the ball to.